Monday, October 10, 2011

October 15 Antiwar Demonstrations

Several antiwar demonstrations are scheduled for the week after the October 8 demonstrations in London, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, and elsewhere. Below are links to key demonstrations. If you know of others, please add them in the comments section (including URL), and I will add them into the main body of the blog as soon as possible.


MICHIGAN - Lansing - Plans in the works for an occupy "rally."

MINNESOTA - Minneapolis - March in the Twin Cities to participate in a day of nationally coordinated anti-war protests to mark ten years of the U.S. war in Afghanistan with a call to an immediate end of the war.
Date and time: October 15, 2011 time 1:30 p.m.
Location: Lake Street & Hiawatha Ave. Minneapolis
Sponsoring organization: MN Peace Action Coalition
Twitter: N/A

PENNSYLVANIA - Pittsburgh - Rally to Bring the War Dollars Home
Date and time: Tuesday, Oct. 18, 9 AM
Location: City County Building Patio, downtown
Sponsoring organization:
Twitter: N/A
In addition to the rally, at 9:30 AM there will be a press conference to support the City Council resolution to "Bring the War Dollars Home" on the 5th floor, outside City Council chambers where the City Council meeting begins at 10 AM. We oppose any continuation of U.S. wars and occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. The billions of dollars expended in this way are needed to meet economic and social needs here at home.

WISCONSIN - Duluth - Anti-war March
Date and time: October 15, 2011 noon
Location: Belknap and Caitlan to the Superior city park @ Belknap and Tower
Sponsoring organization: N/A
Twitter: @WisNPJ

WISCONSIN - Madison - 10 Years of War in Afghanistan
Date and time: October 15, 2011
Location: UW-Madison Library Mall (700 block of State St.)
Sponsoring organization: Madison Area Peace Coalition
Twitter: @WisNPJ and @OccupyMadison99

WISCONSIN - Milwaukee
Date and time: October 15, 2011 11 a.m.
Location: rally at the historic Ziedler Union Square, followed by a non-violent march to JP Morgan Chase Bank, at the corner of Water & Wisconsin at 12:30pm. (Zeidler Union Square is located at 301 West Michigan Street, in downtown Milwaukee. 
Participants will march to JP Morgan Chase Bank Downtown Center, 111 East Wisconsin Avenue. After the protest, we will return to Ziedler Park, which we will use as a staging base for future actions, outreach, and ongoing occupation.)
Sponsoring organization: OccupyMilwaukee
Twitter: @OccupyMilwaukee


CANADA - Toronto - Canada Peace Alliance scheduled for October 14-16, 2011 in Toronto.

Additional events will be added as received.

PS - a massive new list just received from UNAC includes Oct 15 actions in:

Mill Valley
San Francisco
San Jose
Santa Cruz
San Diego
Santa Rosa


MAINE - Augusta


New York City

OREGON - Portland


Click through to the UNAC list for details. I will add these to the above list as soon as time permits!