Ten Posts I'm Especially Glad I Wrote

Joe Scarry in front of the Matisse mural at the entry
to the Los Angeles County Museum (LACMA)
(Photo: Alanna Huck-Scarry)

Here are the ten best posts on this site, in my opinion:

Drones: Am I Responsible?
 ... because it puts together theology, ethics, politics, poetry, and imagery.

The Children Are Waiting
 ... because it puts together my personal life and the issue I am most passionate about.

IMPACT FILM: Understanding What Guantanamo Means From "The Response"
 ... because it's one of the first posts I ever wrote, and it's a testimony about how I got inspired to activism.

What Would Jesus Do? OCCUPY!
 ... because you can see the wheels turning as I try to work out what that thing back then might have to do with this thing happening right now!

Heaven in Chicago: North Pond
 ... because writing it helped me open myself up to my special way of enjoying Nature.

A Checklist for Critically Reading (and Writing) About North Korea
 ... because it provides an analytic basis for dealing with current events . . . and ties to the field of Asian Studies, to which I have devoted a big part of my life.

In Whose Machine Will YOU Be a Cog?
 ... because it provides sound advice -- "put first things first" -- and it builds on kinaesthetic experience.

How Might the White Church "Die to 'Whiteness'"?
 ... because it captures a moment in my attempts to understand -- at a deep level -- how to do the work of anti-racism.

"You're NOT alone!" (Ziggy the Subversive)
 ... because it's about one the things I'm most interested in -- the deep emotional drivers of political orientation and behavior.

A New Lease on Life -- For Me, and For the World
 ... because it's about being "recalled to life" after a summer of chemotherapy.

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