Climate: Earth in Crisis

Are we committing planetocide?

About 6 years ago I helped organize a conference called Climate Crisis Chicago. It was the point where I began to realize global warming and climate change are not just a "trend" -- they have reached crisis proportions and momentum. It may be too late.

Here are posts relating to the climate crisis and the ecocide that we are committing against the planet:

My roots are in the fossil fuel industry -- I still can't pass up a tour of an old coal mine -- but I got a wake-up call from Bill McKibben.

"I was an anthracite miner . . . . "

The REALLY Big Short: The Jig is Up with Oil Companies

The word that the people cried on the first Palm Sunday -- Hosanna -- literally means "Save us!" The principal concern of our faith communities today can be nothing other than the climate crisis.

Want to "Save the Planet"? What Might We Learn from the Way of Jesus?

Does God "care" about the climate crisis?

Are we prepared to think about un-creation?

Looking at Rachel Carson (at St. Luke's "School for Prophets")

We live in a economic society, and we need to understand how to harness economics to save ourselves.

Seeking Alpha: Why Savvy Investors Will Avoid Fossil-Fuel-Based Investments

(4) CHINA and the USA
I began writing about how the fate of the Earth is intertwined with the ability of BOTH China AND the U.S. to reverse their addiction to carbon. I think this linkage is so critical that it deserves its own word: "chinaEARTHusa".

The Perfect Metaphor for US-China Joint Planetary Ecocide in the Face of the Climate Crisis: "Suicide Narcissus"

#chinaEARTHusa - Radical Change? or Planetocide

Climate: China's Response to the West

#chinaEARTHusa -- Solar Panels at the Crux

Obama's Climate Action Plan: How Do You Say "Yawn" in Chinese?

5 Fundamentals on the Climate Crisis

China and USA - Like a Moth to the Flame

Obama and Xi: Get to the Point!

Cadillac Desert (Don't Try This At Home)

I grew up in New Jersey, and my first practical thinking about the climate crisis came from the actual places I knew well.

NJ Sense and Wising Up to the Climate Crisis

NYC + H2O = Uh-oh!

During my Chicago years, I wrote numerous posts about the environment from the Chicago perspective.

Another Modest Proposal: A Green, Demilitarized Midwest!

Take a Walk in Chicago

The Beauty of Chicago Wildflowers

Heaven in Chicago: North Pond

There are more posts at Zero Carbon Chicago.

By the time I left California at the end of 2018, the crisis was visible all around us.

Climate: We All Need to Be Futurists Now

California and Climate Crisis: The End?

A major debate right now is whether nuclear power is "worth the risk," given the alternatives.

Nuclear Power: a Snare and a Delusion for Illinois

IN ORDER TO HAVE A FUTURE: We MUST Study Chernobyl . . .

Radioactive Waste: "What are you gonna do with it?"

INDIA: Lured into playing the "Great Power" Nuclear Game

NO NUKES PHILANTHROPY: How to spend $1 billion wisely

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