Monday, May 8, 2017

New This Week (May 8, 2017)

Thank you #JAMAICA.
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Summer is coming!

And that means the #nuclearban negotiations at the UN are coming!

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133 Is a Lot of #Nuclearban-Supporting Countries

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The Road to the Commonwealth Games Passes Through #Nuclearban Territory

(Most of) The Mideast Wants a Nuclear-Weapons-Free World

June 17 - March to Ban the Bomb #Nuclearban

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There are now thirty-two (32) co-sponsors on Rep. Ted Lieu's House bill to rein in presidential first use of nuclear weapons. (And five (5) co-sponsors on the corresponding bill in the Senate sponsored by Ed Markey.)

Update May 9 -- make that seven (7) Senate co-sponsors - now including Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Ron Wyden!

Update May 12 -- make that thirty-three (33) House co-sponsors - now including Rep. Dwight Evans!

Please use this script to call and get YOUR representative on that list! 

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