Monday, May 29, 2017

New This Week (May 29, 2017)

In just 2+ weeks ... the #nuclearban talks resume at @UN!
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Wow! The draft treaty has been circulated and the parties return to NYC to get the #nuclearban treaty nailed down in just over two weeks!

I continue to lift up the MANY countries that are committed to making the treaty succeed -- and you can help: 133 Is a Lot of #Nuclearban-Supporting Countries.

It's important for people to remember: this nuclear weapons ban effort is being led by countries all over the world -- notably NOT by the United States. Countries in Latin America, in the Middle East, among the Commonwealth countries, in  Central Asia and the Pacific, too.

There are key leaders and supporters in Europe, too. And despite the pressure the US has put on most of the European countries to oppose the ban, the winds seem to be shifting there. That's right: there's hope for growing support for the nuclear ban in Europe, too.

And that's a good thing.

Thank you #AUSTRIA.
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In other news . . .  Support continues to grow: There are now thirty-five (35) co-sponsors on Rep. Ted Lieu's House bill to rein in presidential first use of nuclear weapons. (And seven (7) co-sponsors on the corresponding bill in the Senate sponsored by Ed Markey.) Will support continue to grow in the rest of May, throughout June, and through the summer?

Please use this script to call and get YOUR representative on that list!