Sunday, April 30, 2017

New This Week (May 1, 2017)

I have two hopes for this week:

Thank you #EGYPT.
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First, I hope I can make a lot of progress on lifting up the names of ALL the countries supporting the UN negotiations at the UN. (There's strength in numbers!)

You can help me by sharing the memes on these pages:

133 Is a Lot of #Nuclearban-Supporting Countries

Tlatelolco 50: A Gift to the World

The Road to the Commonwealth Games Passes Through #Nuclearban Territory

(Most of) The Mideast Wants a Nuclear-Weapons-Free World

Second, I want to get as many people as possible involved in the march that -- coming up in just six weeks in New York City, on June 17! -- when the global nuclear ban negotiating session.

Ban the Bomb - from A to Z!
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You can help by sharing all these memes, and by supporting

And an update . . . May 2: There are now thirty (30) co-sponsors on Rep. Ted Lieu's House bill to rein in presidential first use of nuclear weapons. (And four (4) co-sponsors on the corresponding bill in the Senate sponsored by Ed Markey.)

Update May 3: make that 5 senators!

Update May 4: make that 32 representatives!

Please use this script to call and get YOUR representative on that list!

THANK YOU @usrepricknolan for cosponsoring
bill to rein in #Trump's use of #nuclearweapons! 
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Thank you!

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