Monday, February 6, 2017

New This Week (Feb. 6, 2017)

I ask people in the US to face up to a sobering fact: countries like Vietnam are so urgently working to ban nuclear weapons in part because of their history of being on the receiving end of threats from OUR country. (See VIETNAM and the NUCLEAR BAN: Out From Under the Shadow of US Nuclear Terror)

I'm excited about the phenomenal growth of the Sciences Marches around the world. I'm wondering if this offers an opportunity to finally get the nuclear weapons states to support abolition. (See the post below -- SCIENCE MARCHES: Are All These Countries In the Dark About Nuclear Weapons?)

Tlatelolco 50
(Art: Daniel Uria (Bolivia))
I'm also excited about . . . 

February 14 is the 50th anniversary of the nuclear free zone in Latin America and the Caribbean. (See post below - Tlatelolco 50: A Gift to the World.)

February 10 is a big nuclear ban THUNDERCLAP - you can help it happen.

(The growth of the global network to ban nuclear weapons is breathtaking - see Network Power and the Movement to Ban Nuclear Weapons.)

Worried about TRUMP and nuclear weapons? There's a bill for that.

MEANWHILE . . . we enter Week 2 of Black History Month and I ask Which Way for the Church? Anti-Racism? or Comfort?

FINALLY . . . Resistance to the Trump immigration ban continues all over. Here's a picture from this past Saturday - an immigration solidarity vigil in Richmond, just north of Berkeley:

About 100 people gathered for a vigil and rally at the detention center in Richmond.

Lots more here: SANCTUARY (Church, City, State) and Solidarity with Immigrants.

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