Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Want #NoNukes in 2016? TAKE ACTION!

A Ban on Nuclear Weapons
(Read statements of 120+ countries supporting.)

Following the the World Nuclear Victims Forum in Hiroshima (WNVF) I have written a lot about the many places in the world that people have been harmed, and continue to be harmed, and are likely to be harmed more in the future, by nuclear radiation.

But even more important is to tell people about the progress being made to stop nuclear weapons, and to urge everyone to take action.

Tonight is the State of the Union address in the US.  Despite the hopes of many, President Obama seems to have forgotten his call for the elimination of nuclear weapons.  The good news is that a bill is in Congress to eliminate US nuclear weapons and convert the money and resources to safe, renewable energy. YOU can help by joining with thousands of other activists and getting your member of Congress to become a co-sponsor of "The Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act."

The movement to eliminate nuclear weapons from the UK
has grown in success through the courage of thousands
in taking to the streets and putting their bodies on the line.
(What are you prepared to do?)
Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, the movement to get nuclear weapons out of the UK is coming to a head. For years, dedicated activists have built a consensus to get Trident nuclear submarines out of Scotland -- and effectively out of the UK. A powerful bloc in Parliament, led by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, is pressing hard on this issue. YOU can help by participating in the Mirror UK poll saying you support eliminating Trident.

(UPDATE February 23, 2016: On February 27 ... Jeremy Corbyn 'to address 50,000 in biggest anti-nuclear demonstration for a generation'.)

Most exciting of all, a movement is underway WORLDWIDE to ban nuclear weapons. At this writing, 121 countries have joined the call for a global treaty to outlaw and eliminate nuclear weapons. You can help by sharing this information with others and meeting with your government representatives to help increase support.

Make no mistake: we face a profound challenge to overcome an Empire that threatens annihilation and has a thermonuclear monarch sitting at its head.  Most of what passes for politics is really just another layer of entertainment in a pervasive entertainment culture -- especially in 2016 in the US. But there is something new happening: the fact that you are reading this online, and can use social media to take action and encourage others to do so, too, points to the tool we can use to liberate ourselves.


* Use the Roots Action petition to get your member of Congress
to become a co-sponsor of HR 1976

"The Nuclear Weapons Abolition and
Economic and Energy Conversion Act."

* Take a few seconds to say 
"YES - the UK should Scrap Trident!"

* Write to your foreign minister and
call for a BAN on nuclear weapons
using the easy ICAN web form.

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Hibakusha is a word that has traditionally been used to refer to people affected by the nuclear blasts in Hiroshima and Nagaski.  It is now being broadened to recognize the many additional victims of acute affects of nuclear radiation (including fallout from tests and radioactivity from mining and processing). In fact, we are all subject to the impact and threat of nuclear radiation spread indiscriminately by nations and corporations.

(See HIROSHIMA: What does it mean to say, "We are ALL 'hibakusha'?")

There are three centers of power that will impact nuclear disarmament: the President, the Congress, and the people. One of them will have to make nuclear disarmament happen.

(See Countdown to U.S. Nuclear Disarmament (With or Without the Politicians) )

The decision about whether to live with the threat of nuclear annihilation is our decision. And that is why the entire country is mobilizing for mass action for nuclear disarmament in 2015. Are we capable of making sure the messengers -- Obama, Putin, the other agents of government -- hear their instructions from us clearly?

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