Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Years Messages for Nuclear Disarmament: The Power of Twitter

One of the most important aspects of the Vienna conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons was that it gave voice to people from all over the world.

Living in the U.S., I need constant reminding that we are not alone: we share this planet with many other people. Everyone has a voice.

Here's just one specific example: I noticed that participants from Iran were active participants in the Vienna conference.  This was exciting for me, living as I do in a country in which Iran -- and the "threat" of Iran's nuclear program -- consumes enormous amount of space and verbiage in our media.

Yet here was Mohammad Daryaei, Tehran-based university professor and senior disarmament researcher with diplomatic engagement on official work on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation issues for 22 years, participating in the conference -- including the live tweeting!

A few days ago, I reached out to Mr. Daryaei on Twitter. "What are #Iran's hopes for #NPT RevCon in NYC in spring 2015?" I asked. And I made a point of sharing the information about the NPT-related mobilization being planned in New York City.

from Mohammad DARYAEI @mhdaryai
"#Iran hopes [for] the commencement of international negotiations to ban and
completely eliminate all #nuclear arsenal as provided by the #NPT."

I love his response: "#Iran hopes [for] the commencement of international negotiations to ban and completely eliminate all #nuclear arsenal as provided by the #NPT."

Person-to-person diplomacy!

This leads me to think: we are approaching the first day of 2015. Isn't the time right for some New Years messages and personal resolutions about achieving nuclear disarmament? From people all over the world -- especially including people in the US?

I particularly like the idea that it is the PEOPLE who must resolve and commit to make nuclear disarmament happen in 2015. For far too long, we have behaved as if it was out of our hands.

But the truth is: it's OUR decision. It's up to US.

What are YOU committed to in 2015?


Share your #nonukes2015 commitment for nuclear 
disarmament on Twitter and other social media.

Join the #NoNukesTuesday twitterstorm
on December 30!

Engage your friends -- ITRW and virtual --
"Do you have a resolution for 2015 on 
nuclear disarmament?"

Become a Tuesdayista!

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The decision about whether to live with the threat of nuclear annihilation is our decision. And that is why the entire country is mobilizing for mass action for nuclear disarmament in 2015. Are we capable of making sure the messengers -- Obama, Putin, the other agents of government -- hear their instructions from us clearly?

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The Vienna conference in December 2014 was a great start!

NOW . . . it's up to those of us with networks in the U.S. to get the word out to people in this country about the what nukes do to people -- and the need for people to become active in the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons.

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In the U.S., there are three centers of power that will impact nuclear disarmament: the President, the Congress, and the people. One of them will have to make nuclear disarmament happen.

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