Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Taipei c. 1979

The author Yu Hua recently published a book entitled China in Ten Words.

This inspired -- or perhaps re-kindled -- a desire in me to depict Taipei c. 1979 in 26 letters. (With contributions from Michelle in purple!)

A is for Academia Sinica. See also: Agents

B is for Beigang. See also: Buxiban and Betel nut

Cloud Gate Dance Theater

C is for Cloud Gate Dance Theater. See also: CKS, Changpao, and Clones, specifically Huang’s

D is for Days for Looking at the Sea. See also: Dismemberment Park, Dongmen Jiaozi Guan, Dirty Book Room,  and Dead Donald

E is for English. See also: Echo Magazine

From the Soil: The Foundations of Chinese Society
A translation of Fei Xiaotong's Xiangtu Zhongguo

F is for Fei Xiaotong. See also: Fulong Bay

G is for Grand Hotel. See also: Guozhi and Ghosts

Director Hou Hsiao-hsien on the set of City of Sadness with actor Li Tian-lu

H is for HHH, a.k.a. Hou Hsiao-hsien. See also: Huang Chunming, Hunter S. Thompson, and Hawaii 5-0

I is for Idea House. See also: Incense


J is for Jyaodz. See also: Jobs and Jiang Tse

K is for Kaohsiung Incident. See also: KMT and Knives from the Shr Lin Night Market

Long Life - premium deluxe cigarettes

L is for Long Life. See also: Language Lab and Ling Ling Chi, our Lingdao

M is for Motorcycles and Mahjiang (sound of). See also: Matsu

N is for Night Markets. See also: Night blooming jasmine

O is for Oluanbi. See also: Oloong tea

Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwn

P is for Palace Museum. See also: Penghu, Pirated Books, Ptomaine Alley, and Pi jyou

Q is for Qing Documents. See also: Qing Ming Jie

classic temple roofline, Taiwan

R is for rooflines. See also: Roosevelt Road and Ratf**k, our splendid game

S is for Si Shu. See also: Secret Agents, Sayonara/Zaijian, and Singapore Girl, who always avoids Sn**ke Alley

Viewing azaleas on Royal Palm Boulevard, National Taiwan University campus

T is for Tai Da. See also: Taiwan Hua, Taipei People, Tatami, Goin' to the Temple, and Taiwan Independence Movement

U is for Undercover. See also: Underwater laps in the Taida pool at night

V is for Victory (Just One). See also: Visa problems

Jia Bien by Wang Wenxing

W is for Wang Wenxing. See also: Wu Xin Ying Teng and Wild chicken cars

Ximending entertainment district, Taipei

X is for Ximending. See also: Xmas and Xiang Gang

Y is for Youtiao. See also: Ye Mei Gui and Yung Kang Gung Yuan (Eternal Health Park)

Z is for Zhong Kuei. See also: Zhong Guo

Zhong Kui, the demon queller

(Yes, I know my romanizations are all luanqibazao -- it's the privilege of old age!)