Monday, April 23, 2012

Resistance to NATO: N-minus-27

NATO will be in Chicago in 27 days.

Today in Chicago people protested the appearance of Nobel Laureates with the call, "Nobel laureates SHOULDN'T IMPRISON Nobel nominees," referring to the imprisoned whistleblower Bradley Manning.

Today in Chicago people from a Lutheran church in Bridgeport started a fast at City Hall to protest Mayor Rahm Emanuel's invitation to NATO to meet in Chicago.

Meanwhile, I was working to get ready for an upcoming screening that we will be doing at my church, about the German resister Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

All of these acts raise the question: what can each of us do to resist militarism here and now as we encounter it in our own country?

Also today in Chicago, Jesse Jackson and other activists announced their support of the resistance against NATO. Jackson said, “Our world has become jilted by war and weapons . . . . There is simply too much violence, too much concentrated wealth and too much poverty. I hope on May 20 there will be a large demonstration with global participation. It’s time we go in a different direction. I am urging us to shift our priorities. This demonstration is designed to appeal to the leaders of the world to choose to depend less on military intervention and more on negotiations to try to heal these societies ravished by poverty and internal strife.”