Saturday, January 14, 2012

N-O-101: Keep Your Opinions TO YOURSELF!

[This is the first installment in N-O-101: Introduction to NATO/G8. Look for additional installments in the days ahead.]

Lesson Number One: Keep Your Opinions TO YOURSELF!

If you only know one thing about NATO and G8 -- which will be meeting May 19-21 in Chicago -- it should be this: NATO and G8 will decide what's best, and your opinions are not wanted. Keep Your Opinions TO YOURSELF!

Think your consent is required before the U.S. can engage in acts of war? Think again!

Got ideas of your own about economic justice and reducing income inequality? Fuhgedaboutit!

Do NOT get involved with efforts to demonstrate and protest when NATO/G8 meets in Chicago.

And while we're on the subject, do NOT try to assert your civil liberties in the City of Chicago.

Do NOT bother to learn about the handful of powerful countries that have agreed to work together to control the balance of power. It won't make a difference.

Do NOT inform yourself about how eight countries think they know what's best for the pocketbook of every other country in the world. They just do.

So . . . NOW what do you think about NATO/G8?

BZZZZZ! That was a trick question. You're not supposed to think ANYTHING about NATO/G8. Your opinions don't count.

And if you do have opinions -- KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!

* * * * *

Coming soon ... N-O-101 Lesson Number Two: "Weapons for Peace"