Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feb4 - RESIST U.S. war against IRAN!

February 4 has been declared a National Day of Action to resist U.S. war against Iran.

Take action to work with others to stop this coming war BEFORE it starts!


"Join" the Facebook event page and invite friends! (The Chicago Feb 4 rally has its own Facebook page!)

Read more about why it is so important to resist the U.S. move toward war against Iran.

See the list of resources about Iran for use in Feb 4 actions and teach-ins!

U.S. military bases surrounding Iran
(Democratic Underground discussion board)

Other links:

Jan 21 3 pm discussion at Revolution Books (1103 N Ashland) U.S.-Israel Threats on Iran: Danger of War Grows

Midwest Antiwar Mobilization meets Sunday 22 at 1 p.m. - Kent College of Law 565 W. Adams. room 520. The Feb 4 mobilization will be on the agenda.

(Click here to view the Emergency Response resolution adopted Sunday, December 18, 2011, by Midwest Antiwar Mobilization.)

UK antiwar coalition call for a protest outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square on Saturday 28th January from 2-4pm.

Click here to ACT NOW to oppose the dangerous "Iran Threat Reduction Act."

World Can't Wait: Day of Mass Action to Stop a U.S. War on Iran

UNAC “No War, No Sanctions, No Internal Interference in Iran!” statement.

Ask Congress to investigate: Who is behind assassinations in Iran?

Charlottesville, VA, has passed a City Council resolution opposing war against Iran.

THE VOICE OF THE PRO-DEMOCRACY OPPOSITION - Thanks to Danny Postel for the following links!

In "Raising Their Voices: Iranian Civil Society Reflections on the Military Option," the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran presents the viewpoints of 35 prominent Iranian civil society and cultural figures living inside Iran. Those interviewed are people outside the ruling establishment; many have faced censorship, harassment, and imprisonment for their opinions or activities. The interviewees unanimously expressed their grave concern that a military conflict would exacerbate the human rights situation and provide a pretext for the full militarization of the Iranian state, all the while increasing civil and political repression. The report concluded that a pre-emptive attack would be ruinous for human rights and democratic change in Iran.

View interactive website

View full report (PDF)

See also the works of Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council and author of the new book A Single Roll of the Dice: Obama’s Diplomacy with Iran as well as Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States

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Women Without Men is a recent movie by the artist Shirin Neshat, based on the novel by Shahrnush Parsipur.. The first time I saw it, at the end I walked straight to the ticket window and bought another ticket and walked right back in and watched it again. The film contains haunting scene after haunting scene, and it makes it clear that Iran is a place where people are able to ask questions about patriarchy and about what it is going to take to overcome it.

(See Women Without Men as a US-Iran Cultural Bridge)

As the Obama administration prepares in the days ahead to pivot from its focus on Syria to something truly startling -- talking to Iran! -- it is important that the American public devotes some time and energy to learning and thinking about Iran, the history of the U.S.-Iran relationship, and what the U.S.-Iran relationship means in the larger context of the effort to reduce the risk of war and violence in the world.

(See IRAN: 3 Reality Checks on the Emerging U.S. Narrative)

If we are going to stave off a U.S. war against Iran, we are going to have to have some very difficult conversations with other Americans. Some people are extremely hostile. It's confusing and a bit frightening, but we're going to have to confront it.

(See Why Does Iran Arouse So Much Hostility?)