Saturday, December 17, 2011

#AfghanistanTuesday - Top Tweets - Dec 13

Weekly tweeting about Afghanistan continues to go strong, even at the height of the U.S. holiday season. On December 13, a lot of people were focusing on the pending National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) - especially its provision for military detention of U.S. civilians.

(And remember: tweeting about the upcoming Guantanamo mobilization in January is now happening in a big way every Wednesday: see #closeGITMO!)

These are some of the #AfghanistanTuesday tweets from Tuesday, December 13, 2011, that were most highly retweeted:

War: The American Way
From @Scarry: #SomebodyLetMeKnowWhen the US gets done invading every country in the #Mideast / #AfghanistanTuesday #NoIranWar

From @Jesssica_Rabbit: US trained binLaden/AlQueida & put Saddam Hussein in power Great results huh? Time 2 bring everyone home & stop meddling #AfghanistanTuesday

NDAA: Guantanamo for Americans, War for Everyone Else!
From @lg0021: Stop the U.S legacy of detention, rendition, torture. Shame on us. CLOSE GITMO #AfghanistanTuesday PEACE

From @JanetRWeil: #AfghanistanTuesday. So many reasons to oppose the #NDAA. Like, 662 BILLION... dollars for killing, spying & hurting. And oh yeah, detention

From @angelsavant: RT @codepink: About $2 BILLION/week for US/NATO war in Afghanistan in #NDAA! #AfghanistanTuesday

From @volksmenner: What's the wars in Afghanistan cost us? What've we purchased w/ blood our soldiers, of Afghan civilians? A police state! #AfghanistanTuesday

End U.S. Wars!
From @wardollarshome: #AfghanistanTuesday Read and use this great tool - 10 Facts about US Withdrawal from Afghanistan: #endwar

Costs of War
From @outpostof: I'm sick of Afghanistan occupation. But not as sick as those that have lost family, loved ones in phoney war on terror..#AfghanistanTuesday

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