I'm Glad I Said It

Looking back over the posts on Scarry Thoughts over the past several years, it's become clear to me that what we're up against is no joke . . . but that there are things we can do . . . and there are, right now, signs of hope all around us . . . !

What we're up against

How we view others
What's right before our eyes TODAY . . . ?
War: an end in itself

What we need to do about it 

Networked resistance
More agitation ...
... and less automation

Human exuberance and signs of hope

Occupy and the Church
Film, Protest, and the Law
Antiwar Twitter

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Not everyone can be at every session of "Chicago Ideas Week" -- and some people can't be at any session at all -- and so the organizers are encouraging people to use social media to share more ideas. Here's my contribution . . .

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This past fall, a friend said to me, "It's good that you came to the demonstration; it would be even better if you brought a sign!" That was the start of something I've enjoyed a lot. And a lot of those signs have found their way into my blog posts.

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In a way, you can hardly even say I "write" blog posts. Mostly I just post FJJ photos with a few words attached. And I know a lot of other beneficiaries of Frank's photos who feel the same way.

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