Saturday, February 5, 2011

Like your iPhone? You'll LOVE the new iPhobe!

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Angle Computer (NASDAQ: AGL) today announced the launch of their new iPhobe offering.

The iPhobe is a humanoid robot that spouts anti-Islamic rhetoric and encourages fear and hatred in an unprecedented variety of ways.

Analysts predict the iPhobe will contribute significantly to Angle's bottom line. "There is a seemingly limitless demand for the kind of entertainment provided by the iPhobe," said Penn Umbra, head of research at Pandora Securities. "And Angle has outdone itself this time in terms of leveraging the lean manufacturing paradigm." The company has previously been successful in relying on offshore manufacturing to supply products at attractive price points. The newest offering requires no manufacturing at all, but simply relies on programming each customer. Angle relies on a large community of third-party programmers, including news networks, pundits, politicians, government officials, and others, who contribute a continuous stream of programming for the iPhobe, including frequent releases of new enhancements. "It's kind of miraculous, actually, that they support the iPhobe at essentially no cost to Angle!" Umbra said.

Angle executives think the iPhobe is a game-changer. "We originally intended to just go to market with a simple app that would run on top of other platforms, but when we saw how easily the iPhobe could be implemented as a stand-alone product, we said, 'Let's go for it!'" said Hal Sapiens, who managed the new initiative. "With an app, the best we could hope for would be to be a mere add-on to an already-existing market -- the military-industrial complex. By introducing this new product, we believe we've actually succeeded in extending the previous market into new territory. We call it the 'military-industrial-Islamophobia complex.' Cool, huh?"

What's next for Angle? "Stay tuned," says Sapiens. "We're just getting started with the iPhobe. The fun is just beginning!"

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"Yes, I tell everyone: I'm Sicilian -- but," she said, "that doesn't mean I'm Mafia -- and German -- but that doesn't mean I'm a Nazi." And then she added: "And being Muslim doesn't mean someone's a terrorist! That's what I tell people!"

(See Kairos: "Muslim" Doesn't Mean "Terrorist"! )

I was back in New Jersey to visit with high school friends in July. It gave me the opportunity to visit the newly opened 9/11 Memorial. Not surprisingly, what I saw made me spend days and weeks thinking about the memorial itself, and the larger issue of 9/11 in our national life. Out of all that I have seen and heard and read and thought about, several thoughts keep rising to the top.

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In 2013 America, we have been conditioned to feel anything associated with Middle Eastern and/or Muslim men should trigger feelings of suspicion, fear, and hatred. And when those cues are triggered, all of our objectivity and healthy skepticism goes out the window.

(See Orwell and the Uses of Hate)

Undercover police . . . months of infiltration, taping, coaxing, inducements . . . an alleged "terrorist" device . . . lots of police assertions about what the defendant was thinking and intending and wanting . . . . The Pimentel case is just one in a long line of government set-ups of Muslims since 9/11.

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September 19, 2014 -- Cartoonist Brian McFadden ups the ante with iRAQ WAR 3.0:

Introducing . . . iRAQ WAR 3.0 by Brian McFadden
(Click for full size image)